Thank you to all our sponsors and runners from the 2018 Brussels 20Km

2018 Brussels 20km — Why we ran for the #LenaicFund

On 27 May, nine runners participated in the 2018 Brussels 20km in support of the Lénaïc Fund for Quality Journalism.

The initiative, made possible thanks to generous sponsorship from Alibaba and UPS, aimed to raise the Fund’s visibility and awareness of what it offers young female journalists. The Lénaïc Fund for Quality Journalism provides a five-month paid fellowship in one of our Brussels-based media partners for female EU nationals under the age of 28 interested in developing a career in journalism.

In March, we started to reach out to the press, friends and colleagues via social media and emails asking them to participate and share the initiative. We also created customised t-shirts (thank you, Marie!).

We are very grateful to all the runners, journalists, Members of the European Parliament and people working in communications, who were happy to support the Fund by running this year’s Brussels 20km.

I’d love to see female journalists having the chance to become leaders in the news industry,” says Mara, a young communications specialist and one of the team of runners.

MEP Javor Benedek and Ruth Reichstein joined the Lenaic Fund.

After group photos and mutual encouragement, our runners embarked on the tough run under a sunny sky. All made it to the finish line in fine form.

The enthusiasm of this year’s participants and our success in raising donations for the fund make us confident that we will repeat the initiative in 2019. Stay tuned!

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